What is the difference between whole grain spelt flour and white spelt flour?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Mr_Vittles February 21, 2012
The whole grain version contains more of the actual berry, whereas the white version the hull has been removed and the grains have been refined more.
Anitalectric February 21, 2012
I think it is the same as with regular wheat flour. The whole grain flour is processed with the entire grain, including the germ, and the white flour is just the endosperm (interior) of the grain with the outer husk removed.

When I bake, I use the whole spelt flour. I find that it has better texture and flavor, and holds more moisture, than white spelt flour.

Usually, when I bake with spelt, I use a ratio of between 40-50 percent regular, unbleached all purpose flour to spelt flour. Unless it is something where more texture is a good thing, like pancakes or rustic bread. In that case, I just go for all spelt.
Maria C. February 24, 2020
Thank you
So more whole spelt than white spelt flour ?
It's my first bread making experience
Also if been making starter with only white spelt and water
Is that ok
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