What is this mysterious culinary tool?

A friend of mine was availing herself of various and sundry kitchen do-dads (I scored a fantastic cleaver and some vicious looking butchering knives) and we found this in the pile. Its about the size of a pair of scissors, and is spring loaded and adjustable. It was suggested that perhaps its a pie edger, but that action seemed very awkward, unless its the elusive left handed pie edger that novice cooks are often sent to find their first week on the job.

  • Posted by: Aliwaks
  • February 22, 2012
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Aimless February 22, 2012
It might also be a clam opener. I have one something like that, called a Clam Ram, which i bought after seeing it on Food 52.
ChefJune February 22, 2012
A "Clam Ram?" I'd buy that for the name alone!!!
boulangere February 22, 2012
Go get a lobster and try it out!
Aliwaks February 22, 2012
YES, it does have a sharp! Amanda you may have figured it out, so you'd stick the spoon part on to the claw and press down to crack the shell, then slide the meat out with the spoon-y thing....I kept thinking the wavy edge had a function, but maybe its just decorative
amysarah February 22, 2012
The wavy edge may be decorative (resembles lobster claw) but also functional - since it's pointed, maybe you use it like a pick, to dig in and extract the claw meat. The wavy shape could make it a little easier to shimmy it in and maneuver it around.

Quite a contraption.
Amanda H. February 22, 2012
Does the top half of the "scissors" have a sharp edge? If so, wondering if it's for cracking lobster claws -- since the top half seems designed to look like a lobster claw.
SKK February 22, 2012
Yes, I agree it is for cracking lobster claws.
Aliwaks February 22, 2012
Ahh sorry I thought I put the photo up.
amysarah February 22, 2012
Ah, okay - now that I see the picture, definitely not poultry shears.

I'm stumped. Looks more like some kind of serving implement maybe?
Aliwaks February 22, 2012
Hey.. nope not poultry shears its not very sharp and the bottom is very spoon-like
ChefJune February 22, 2012
sounds like my poultry shears. but it would be helpful to see a photo.
amysarah February 22, 2012
My mother used to have a poultry shear that sounds like your description (i.e., scissor made to cut through bones to cut up a chicken, duck...)
boulangere February 22, 2012
Can you post a photo?
Mr_Vittles February 22, 2012
It sounds like gardening shears. Are you sure its for the kitchen?
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