Pie crust sticking

I made americas test kitchen foolproof pie crust. It was delicious. Made their classic APPLE PIE. PROBLEM crust didn't lift. So only crust probably people are was top one. Cooked exactly to recipe Any suggestions.

Antonella Lucente


Pegeen October 13, 2014
Sorry if it sounded like a stupid question. But similar to a doctor doing an initial profile, it helps to ask the basic questions!
Pegeen October 13, 2014
Did you grease the pie pan first before baking?
Antonella L. October 13, 2014
Perhaps not enough!
ChefJune October 13, 2014
I'm guessing sdebrango has figured out your problem. That's the only reason I can think of for the crust to stick to the pan.
Antonella L. October 13, 2014
The bottom stuck in most parts. Especially edge
sdebrango October 13, 2014
I believe I know the recipe, it's the one with vodka I think and is a terrific recipe. I have had this happen from time to time when filling seeps under the crust through cracks and sticks to the pie plate, Other than that I am stumped, don't know why the pie crust would stick to the pan, there is sufficient fat in the recipe so that it shouldn't.
sdebrango October 13, 2014
Is it possible the bottom crust had cracks because if it did it's possible some of the sweet juice from the apples seeped under the crust, when cooled it would cause the crust to stick. Did the entire bottom crust stick or just in area's?
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