food52hotline I'm looking for a good soup recipe for a spring party. Do you have any suggestions?



keg72 April 6, 2015
I love this asparagus soup:
nancy E. April 6, 2015
Make a Spot Prawn and chorizo chowder. With fennel, tarragon and ouzo you get a lovely flavour that entices. Potatoes and cream and yum.
Nancy April 6, 2015
sorrel soup, served either hot or cold. Julia Child had a good recipe for cream of sorrel soup. Would go well in a spring menu including salmon and rhubarb.
Healthline April 6, 2015
This red lentil soup is a great choice, and is filled with spring/summer flavors:

And this Fresh Pea Risotto Soup is super simple and can easily be prepared ahead of time:
creamtea April 6, 2015
Vichyssoise is nice for spring.
Shannon April 6, 2015
Ina Garten's Spanish Pea Soup with Crispy Ham. Very good,very easy.
hardlikearmour April 6, 2015
Here are a couple more ideas:
Stephanie April 6, 2015
I suppose it depends on what else is being served and what type of soup you're looking for...

To me, spring is about the fresh/green flavor. Here are a few that I've bookmarked and/or made.
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