What is your favorite way to bread tofu to use in a stir fry?



Hagerty February 24, 2012
I toss it in rice flour before frying it in peanut oil. If you don't have rice flour you can use corn starch.
lloreen February 24, 2012
never heard of breaded tofu....now I am kind of curious if Wondra flour would work...hmmm.....
It is pretty good just fried in oil, as the others have suggested. I have also started marinating tofu in peanut sauce and then grilling it on the George Forman and adding it to the stir-fry later. The tofu gets nice and firm and it cuts down a lot on the oil...
susan G. February 23, 2012
Press the tofu for a while, to drain off some of the water. Dry, cut to size, and shake it in some cornstarch or arrowroot, for a light coating. But I agree with the professor, it's not necessary.
the P. February 23, 2012
FYI: it should brown nicely without any breading at all, cooked in peanut oil over high heat, and squeezed of excess moisture beforehand.
Mr_Vittles February 23, 2012
Look up "agedashi tofu". Its a great traditional way of preparing Firm Tofu.
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