How best to freeze tofu, tempeh, eggs, and other meatless meals?

I'm eight months pregnant and am stocking our freezer with the civilian version of MRE's-- meals ready to eat, quickly, with little setup. I'd like to keep most of them meatless, and am up to my eyes in beans and lentils. Any suggestions on how best to freeze tofu, tempeh, and eggs? Does fried tofu freeze well? What about roasted tempeh?

Lovely Leanne


susan G. April 4, 2012
Tempeh freezes perfectly; we keep the 'spares' there. But it also keeps quite well in the fridge -- cut off what you want, leave the remainder in its package/wrapping, and wrap snugly in a plastic bag.
As far as I know, egg based dishes and quiches are good freezer items.
Tofu is sometimes frozen to produce something that is not that smooth white block -- you squeeze out the water from the block, then crumble it to get crumbled tofu.... for chilis, etc.
Personally, my post-partum experience was that I was eager to get back to cooking and didn't have much down time -- as long as you and baby are doing well. Get some shopping help for fresh foods; cook rice or quinoa in good quantities to have leftovers; make sure your pantry is well stocked now; and keep your expectations realistic.
DO NOT make getilte fish like I did, with a crying, colic-y baby in arms while you are trying to stir a huge pot of hot broth and form fish balls. I was not following the 'realistic' injunction.
passifloraedulis April 4, 2012
Good luck! And congratulations!!

P.S. Maybe you could freeze lots of hearty stews too.
passifloraedulis April 4, 2012
I'm not sure about freezing tempeh or eggs (though eggs cook so quickly and easily, is it necessary to freeze eggs)?

The texture and consistency of tofu changes, however, when you freeze it. The white blocks of tofu and 5 spice tofu become porous. Age tofu (fried tofu that are essentially pockets of fried skin, with no white tofu substance in the middle) freezes well, however.
Lovely L. April 4, 2012
Thank you! It sounds like I should maybe just stick to beans and lentils for our vegetarian fare ...

I wasn't thinking of freezing eggs on their own, but freezing an egg dish-- like a quiche. I suspect the eggs would become soggy and it wouldn't be worth it, though.
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