Subbing coarse for medium grind cornmeal

Making Bittman's cornbread recipe which calls for medium grind cornmeal, but I only have coarse grind cornmeal on hand. Okay to substitute? Should I use more? Less? Cease and desist? Actually go buy the right kind of cornmeal? (I really don't want to do that)



Grace's S. February 26, 2012
I would probably pulse the cornmeal in the food processor to a finer grind and proceed with the recipe.
susan G. February 26, 2012
What does coarse really mean? I have cornmeal labeled for polenta -- that's really coarse. I have just plain cornmeal which is whole grain and stone ground -- I think of that as medium. Then I also have 'corn flour' which is still whole grain but ground to a complete powder. Your 'coarse' might even be Bittman's 'medium.' If not, you could let the cornmeal soak in the liquid ingredients first, then add the wet ingredients and the rest of the dry ones, and bake as directed. That would remedy somewhat the textural issues. Then again, coarse might be delicious and you could go with it by adding some crunchy, chewy ingredients.
Maedl February 26, 2012
I would use the same amount of cornmeal called for in the recipe, but expect a coarser, sandier texture in the bread.
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