Cabbage piroshki filling

I would like to make a cabbage piroshki how I remember it made in St. Pete one Christmas, it was sweet-sour shredded cabbage maybe with a slight bit of egg and onion in a filo-type dough, like a baklava or spanokopita. Anyone have a recipe for something like this? Especially the filling?



RobertaJ March 9, 2012
Pierogies are nothing like a filo- or flaky dough. They're more like a egg pasta wrapper. Piroshki are what the OP is looking for. They're filled and baked, as they said, similar in texture to baklava. Pierogies are boiled, then eaten as is or pan fried.
Nozlee S. March 8, 2012
You might try searching "piroshki" and "pierogi" on the site to see if you find anything a little similar!
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