Potato soup

I roasted potatoes, turnip, cabbage and onions. The cabbage and turnips are well roasted, kind of charred but I don't mind the taste. I tried to turn all of this into a soup and of course, I ended up with gluey potatoes. I barely blended them using a stick blender. I used gold potatoes. I was thinking of turning into a pot pie type of pie because it is so thick. Any suggestions?

Shelley  Tucker


Michele December 6, 2016
Thin a little with some stock, blend some more, add some caraway seeds and a big dollop of sour cream.
caninechef December 6, 2016
Maybe make Shepards pie and use the thick mixture of veggies as the topping, if they are that thick. s
Ben M. December 6, 2016
I would try adding more liquid so the starch molecules are not so tightly packed. If the soup is not hot right now I would add the liquid cold either a stock or water. Stir it in and then gently reheat on stove. Do not let it boil. Boiling is what makes starch molecules go crazy and bind everything up. Because of more liquid you might have to readjust your seasonings.

I hope it helps.
Nancy December 6, 2016
Agree with Ben McCulloch.
Favor adding the water.
Also maybe some more watery vegetables or meat.
Think the pot pie might be too much carb - starchy dough on or around starchy innards.
Go for more liquids and more protein...keep it in the soup/stew range.
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