Which type of onion is best for onion rings?

Which type of onion is best for onion rings? And has anyone had any success with gluten-free recipes, like cassava flour?

  • Posted by: bellly
  • November 11, 2020


tia December 20, 2020
Hi! I haven't tried it on onion rings, but I just did a bunch of frying where I added potato starch to chicken and its marinade to make a batter for frying. It turned out quite nice. You could probably toss the rings in an egg wash and then the starch, or something similar. Good luck!
Kay November 22, 2020
I did a trial run if a lemon meringue pie. My meringue turned grey. Why did it do that? I got a new mixer with a stainless steel mixing bowl. Could this have caused it? I am afraid to make another. Or was it because I didnt put it in the oven to toast the top b4 I refrigerated the pie? Thank you for your help.
Nancy November 18, 2020
I have found most types (except spring or scallion) work fine. More important, I find, is making sure the onion rings are patted dry before dipping in coatings...makes for crisper result.
HalfPint November 11, 2020
I like a sweet onion like Vidalias.

For GF, you can use almond or coconut flour.
bellly November 12, 2020
Thank you, have you tried making them with almond or coconut flour before?
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