Why is whole foods priced twenty to twenty five perent above vitamin cottage.

a Whole Foods Market Customer


lloreen March 2, 2012
It is a big corporation with a high-end image and you are partly paying for the experience of shopping there. I notice that fresh veggies and fruit cost anywhere from 2 to 10 times than what they do at my year-round farmer's market. That being said, I do think their grains are a good deal and I appreciate that I can run in quickly to grab anything that I have forgotten at the farmer's market or cheaper, local stores.
Sam1148 March 1, 2012
They aren't a bulk vitamin store. So, vitamins, cosmetics, health items, are a premium after you walk in the door as most WF shoppers aren't budget conscious and prefer one stop high end shopping, with limited choices 'blessed' by WF. Which often means higher price.
You can find good deals at WFs. The house brand 365 olive oil is a great buy and rated very well in taste and their bulk nuts and grain section can have reasonable prices.

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