What would you love to see in the prepared foods department (the deli) at whole foods market?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


G1G1626 May 21, 2011
I have always loved the roasted butternut squash and roasted garlic brussels sprouts that Whole Foods carries in the winter, but that's the problem, come March they disappear until November! It's crazy! These days you can get these vegetables at any point in the year, so why not keep making them year round?

I do have to say, WOW to the whole foods near my new house though because they have quite an amazing selection of food! I never get bored. They just introduced this seared tuna with a soy sauce of some sort and hot damn it's good... The only thing not too good... The price tag. I am not really in the mood to pay $23 a pound!!! Oh and I used to LOVEEE the grilled salmon until I figured out that it's the farm raised salmon (love it) from the fish counter which sells @ $13... Who would have thought GRILLING SALMON would be a $10 surcharge! That's right, the grilled salmon is $23 a pound in the prepared food section! Yikes.
healthierkitchen May 20, 2011
In hopes this is an in store survey, I really like the cooked, but unsauced components such as beans, grains, quinoa, greens, chicken, salmon etc. that lets you put together your own non-lettuce "salad" that can be heated (or not) and dressed or sauced at the end. I've seen this at some WF stores and it really comes in handy when putting together a healthy, on the go meal.
pierino May 20, 2011
Rabbit terrine.
Panfusine May 20, 2011
seems to be a series of questions in this line... first meats, then deli..is this a wholefoods survey rather than a casual 'pickle' from a shopper wandering in??
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