Baking time

I'm baking a white cake from Baked, and the cakes seem to be done (goden and toothpick coming out clean) with 10-15 minutes left on the baking time. Calls for 40-45 minutes and they've been in 30. Would you pull them out?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • March 4, 2012


ATL March 4, 2012
Absolutely as said above. I would add to check your cake even earlier. If you have a convection oven it will cook more quickly.
ATG117 March 4, 2012
Thanks. I left them in a bit past when I thought I should have because my thought was 10-15 minutes is a lot and I should trust Baked. I probably should have pulled them out sooner...

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Marianne,Johnson March 4, 2012
YES! Not every oven is the same. Trust your instincts, not the recipe. The recipe is just a roadmap, if you ver off the road and still arrive at the place you were headed it is ok.
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