Ccoking temp for boneless chicken breasts

I'm preparing a wonderful chicken recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook, Jerusalem.
The recipe calls for bone-in thighs with a few bone-in thighs and 8 boneless skinless breasts. The recipe calls for an oven temp of 475 for 30 minutes, then cook covered for an additional 15 minutes. How would you suggest that I alter the baking time? Should I remove the breasts after the 30 minutes and continue to roast the breasts?

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • February 17, 2013


ChefGam February 17, 2013
You are correct. I am attempting to adapt the recipe in Jerusalem to make it lower fat. Big mistake, I understand, but I'm stuck with what I have marinating since last night. I plan to make this again for Passover and will do it as per the recipe then!
ortolan February 17, 2013
Wait... I must have misread. There isn't a recipe that calls for boneless chicken breasts in that preparation from Jerusalem--hence my confusion. At least as far as I can tell!
ortolan February 17, 2013
Ack! I wouldn't sub boneless breast for this recipe. I know which one you are referring to, and it's absolutely one of the greatest chicken recipes EVER. I wouldn't alter it, unless you add in a little bit of preserved lemon (I'm assuming you are making the Jerusalem artichoke lemon chicken recipe?) If you are making the clementine chicken, it's not as good as the lemon version; I've made both several times).
Boneless breasts will just get leathery and 'bouncy' in this recipe, but if you must, I would cook them for 15 minutes uncovered, and 15 covered. That should do it. But they won't be juicy or have any of the textural scrumptiousness that the original recipe promises.
Another note: whenever I've made baked boneless chicken, I've also used boneless, skinless thighs. They seem to hold up to the high heat of the oven much better in a casserole dish. You could follow the indications for this recipe with the ingredients from Jerusalem--that's what I would do.
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