Recipe for perfect starbucks marble Cake

One of my very close friend is expecting and she is craving for one home baked marble cake but ditto like the one available at Starbucks. I know , best way she can get it from Starbucks. She just can't get enough out of it. So, I was looking for same to same recipe of marble cake.

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. March 6, 2012
Thanks a ton! I will be getting any of these asap! and make a batch and parcel her from east coast to west coast. she is craving so much..for her mother's a simple pound cake and unfortunately, her mom did not get visa to travel to USA. So, hope this marble cake can make a difference!
Thanks a lot to Food52 and Nigella Lawson. yay..
Anna H. March 6, 2012
We started a little query about your friend in need over on Food52's Twitter. Nigella Lawson suggests the marble cake from her book Feast, and a number of other people agreed that it is wonderful! The recipe from Sherry Yard's book The Secrets of Baking was also recommended. Here are links to both books:

Good luck!
sstiavetti March 5, 2012
There are a ton of recipes online:

YMMV, though, as I've never tried any of them!
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