Cake fell? or shrank?

I am making a Meyer Lemon Cake from the One Girl Cookie cookbook. The leavening is sour cream and baking soda. I rotated the cake halfway through the cooking time. The rise was lovely to see, but after it was removed from the oven, it sunk – a tooth pick did come out clean, but I will admit the cake still had a little jiggle to it when I took it out. The cakes aren't sunken in the middle only flat – I want perfect. Shall I try again? No jiggle this time? I am so afraid of over cooking and getting dry cake.



boulangere March 2, 2013
Cakes are the one baking item I don't rotate because of the risk of deflating them. That said, where do you live? It could be that elevation is an issue, and you may need to correct for it via ingredients.
MaddyBelle March 2, 2013
If I were you, I would not rotate the cake next time while it is baking. I think that this releases air before the cake is fully set. If the cake was not dry this time, I would bake it for the exact same amount of time next time but don't even open the oven door to check on it!
Amanda H. March 2, 2013
seems like it may have been just slightly underdone, and to be extra safe, yes, next time I wouldn't rotate. Was the batter particularly loose?
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