baking bread in a cake pan when recipe says a loaf pan

i baked a cake in a cake pan instead of a loaf pan as the recipe called for. i think i knew the yield would b close, so i merely made a special effort to check on the timing and i was fine.

a bread might b different. i have like 3 bread pans. maybe one is the right size or close. but i'm just wondering if as a general rule, it's best for breads to b baked in loaf pans and not the wider spaces of a cake pan. Of course, i can try it in a cake pan, and see what happens. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • February 12, 2022


Nancy February 13, 2022
I consider a combination of the original recipe, intended use of the bread and my available pans.
If you're going to use or serve the bread for sandwiches, definitely use a loaf pan.
For various other presentations (braided loaf, rolls, pull-apart loaf) you can use oval, rectangle or round low pans like cast iron skillet, 9x13" (lasagna or roast pan), round cake pan, sheet pan.
Your choice.
702551 February 12, 2022
Ultimately this is up to you: your own personal preference on how you like your breads and how your dinner table guests enjoy it if you are serving to others.

The main point of using a loaf pan is the higher sides. When the dough rises, the mass moves up. If you use a lower, flatter cake pan, the dough will move toward the sides.

If the cake pan sides are insufficiently high, the dough may spill over sort of like a muffin top but messier. This may result in an inconsistent bake: over baked along the edges and/or under baked in the center.

You could easily experiment by making a 2 loaf recipe and putting one in a loaf pan and another in a cake pan, baking both, and comparing the two.

For sure there are some cultural expectations for traditional breads: focaccia and ciabatta are lower, squatter loaves, brioche and Japanese milk bread are taller loaves. It's really up to you if you want to buck tradition.

If you like the end result, go for it regardless.

Best of luck.
alan February 13, 2022
helpful and thank u. it turns out i have a wearever 9 x 5 loaf pan as the recipe calls for so i'll go w that. the recipe is called a bread but now i see it's a cake. it uses AP flour, baking powder, veg oil, milk, sugar, eggs. there's lemon zest in the "bread" and 3 T of lemon juice glazes it and penetrates it via small holes i poke in it.

it was served for breakfast by a B&B and spread w butter. i'm thinking that whole wheat flour would b a better choice for a more bread-like result worthy of butter.
alan February 13, 2022
i just did a quick google and i can sub 50% whole wheat for the AP. if i try to do more than that, i have to adjust other things. not sure what that involves w/o further research.
Nancy February 13, 2022
PS For so-called breads that are really cakes. They are most often made in loaf pans. Can also be made in layer cake pans or muffin tins.
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