Favorite pan for omelets

I love my Demeyere stainless skillet for everything from omelets to searing a steak. But my brother keeps telling me I really need a non-stick for omelets. I concede that I use more butter than most and still have occasional sticking problems. What do you like?



angiegeyser March 6, 2012
I'm with Sam, I use non-stick for omelets.
Sam1148 March 6, 2012
To clarify, I use non-stick. My partner uses the old stainless steel pan. His omelets are better than mine---which are quick and kinda last resort "I don't care" food. Okay, but kinda anemic in that they don't have the brown butter and depth of flavor. .
While he spends a bit of time pre-cooking the filling and getting pan get the right temp and tending it. (I'm asleep at this point thank you).
pierino March 6, 2012
Damn! That was supposed to be Mister Vittles camp. Sometimes my smart phone is too damn 'effing smart for its own good. But yeah, carbon steel. Hit a restaurant supply store and stock up. I'm always amused watching Food Network when these chefs and their crew are using these pristine AllClad et. al pans. Of course they are sponsoring the show. One use and it gets distributed to the TV crew. Carbon steel pans are the work horse of restaurant kitchens. In serious French restauarants you might see some copper but that's rare these days.
Greenstuff March 6, 2012
Okay! Thank you all. I do already have carbon steel as well as the stainless.
pierino March 6, 2012
Once again I'm in the Mister bottles camp. Carbon steel with shallow sides. inexpensive too
Be brave with butter.
Author Comment
If you don't want to bite the nonstick bullet, try a mix of canola oil and butter in your stainless pan. Making sure the heat is good and high when you pour in your eggs will help a lot too! A proper omelet should cook start to finish in about 60-90 seconds.
Sam1148 March 6, 2012
I'm omelet impaired, so I go non-stick. My SO makes perfect omelets in a stainless steel pan we've had for 20 years. He's right on this IMHO, much better omelets, it's the butter and heat control.
Mr_Vittles March 6, 2012
Carbon steel of the Blue variety cooks for me. After a bit of seasoning, similar to cast iron, they can be the ultimate pan for egg cookery.
Miranda R. March 6, 2012
Stay strong! I hate non-stick, nothing wrong with a little extra butter :)
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