Best technique for tri tip in the oven?

I have steak that I need to sear and finish in the oven. I pre-salted it and now its in the fridge. What should I do to sear it? I don't have a cast iron, so Im going to use a stainless steel pan. Do I put olive oil on the pan before I sear it? And How long do I keep it in the oven?

Really Appreciate it.

Kristi Choi


nutcakes July 21, 2013
I guess it is too late for you, but tritip is usually refered to as a roast, not a steak. Do you have a steak size piece cut from it? Either way, oil to sear and finish in the oven until medium rare is the way to go.
mrslarkin July 20, 2013
hi Kristi. I'm not sure what a tri tip is, but I've done this technique a bunch of times with sirloin steak and it was seriously the best steak of my life.
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