I was just gifted two pints of half and half (odd, I know). What do I do with it?

I was just gifted two pints of half and half (odd, I know). What do I do with it?

Cristina Sciarra


TandA March 8, 2012
White Russians. One shot vodka. Two shots Kahlua. Top with half & half.
chairmanhu March 7, 2012
slock March 7, 2012
David Lebovitz's vanilla ice cream. Oh oh so good. Use the extra egg yolks. You will never buy vanilla ice cream again. I use half and half instead of milk and cream. Chocolate ganache makes a perfect topping.
Traci206 March 7, 2012
Quiche, bread pudding, Mac and cheese.
angiegeyser March 6, 2012
Soups, sauces, in your coffee...
bigpan March 6, 2012
I would use it to make a couple batches of a nice cheesy cream sauce ... maybe with some crab or your favorite item in it, then pop in the freezer to pull out one day to put with fresh pasta for a nice dinner when you don't have time for a slow meal. Maybe put mushrooms in one, or asparagus, or .......
LLStone March 6, 2012
And maybe some ricotta - I think the half and half will sub nicely for milk and cream.

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boulangere March 6, 2012
Make some crème fraîche! You'll extend its shelf life, and then you can make even more things.
AntoniaJames December 1, 2017
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Mr_Vittles March 6, 2012
Ice Cream, Steak au Poivre, or Cheese.
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