A question about a recipe: Cherry Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake

I was thinking of making this recipe this afternoon and as I was reading the recipe, where it says to add eggs one at a time, the recipe does not give the number of eggs or any eggs in the ingredients. Can you please let me know how many eggs to use?



MissyM March 7, 2012
In the comments below the recipe, it has these corrections:

3/4 cups room temp butter
3 large eggs
"nut mixture" is first 5 ingedients, combined
Nonee December 12, 2018
Gee, maybe the author should correct the recipe itself rather than list the corrections in the comments. Is it really so hard to do that? I am pretty sure the page can be edited. *eye roll*
sdebrango March 7, 2012
You should send a direct message to the author of the recipe, there have been issues with missing ingredients, this may have been added during the time when the site was being revamped and some recipes that were added at that time have this problem.
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