I bought some quinoa for the first time today. I have 2 kids at home so I'm looking for a recipe I can make a big batch of and throw in the fridge and snack on throughout the week. Hot or cold recipes welcome, healthy & no meat!



foidivin March 10, 2012
SKK March 10, 2012
Love quionoa and everything about it - taste, texture, health benefits. An important part of preparing it is to soak and rinse before cooking to take off the bitter coating that protects it from critters eating it. Soak in cold water for about five minutes and then rinse till the water is clear before cooking.
susan G. March 10, 2012
There's also a blog devoted to quinoa -- www.cooking quinoa.net. She has 2 young children at home, so the recipes have been kid tested.
I usually just cook it up plain, and it keeps for about a week. That way I have the fixings and make salads or pilaf type meals as I wish.
drbabs March 10, 2012
Here's a bunch. Have fun.
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