any brilliant suggestions for salty healthy snacks?

I'm looking for ideas for salty, healthy snacks that include any of the following: quinoa, brown rice, corn, millet and barley. A fat component would be good, too, like coconut oil or butter. Thank you!

  • Posted by: trina
  • July 15, 2019


Darice D. July 19, 2019
The first thing that came to mind is kale chips! You can dress them up with popped brown rice and a lovely dressing of nutritional yeast and cajun seasoning if you'd like. Just toss some baby kale leaves with ALL of the stem bits removed with some olive oil and your choice of seasoning and pop in a low oven or dehydrator 'til crispy. Enjoy!
Nancy July 16, 2019
Not a recipe but ideas.
Use the grains to make homemade crackers, then eat with crudites or dip.
Make mini tart shells of the grain, fill with egg-milk-veg and cool a, mini quiche.
Make double corn biscotti (corn meal and kernels).
Make Johnny cakes (aka journey cakes). Again, many recipes out there.
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