Looking for the best 7-day brine recipe/solution for corned beef. Buying the meat today, starting the brine tonight. Thanks so much. ;o)

Also, where does one buy the "pink salt" I've read about, which is recommended for brining corned beef? Thanks! ;o)



Christine March 12, 2012
I know that Kalustyan's in NYC has the pink salt. They also do mail order which won't of course help you tonight, but next time...
Sam1148 March 12, 2012
I just did a shallow google search for Curing salt, and William Sonoma sells a curing salt. But doesn't list what it's close to Prague #1 or #2.
I don't know the diffrence between the #1 and 2. I think one has regular salt in addition to the Sodium Nitrate, and the other has sugar. Anyone know this? The Wiki was week on that one.
Sam1148 March 12, 2012
Another thing, use the specific type of curing salt your recipe calls for.
You'll find recipes that use tender quick, and Prauge salt #1 and #2. They are not interchangeable.
So, start with what curing salt you can find and work up from there on the recipe.
Try the canning section in your supermarket, or ask someone that makes sausages etc, or someone that hunts and cures their own meats.
I've had good results with the tender quick which seems to be more widely available.
Sam1148 March 12, 2012
"Pink Salt" can be hard to find. I've had a friend send me some Morton "Tender Quick". which is basically the same for some recipes. There are plenty of recipes that don't call for the nitrates...which I made and frankly corn beef must have the pink salt or 'tender quick' in the mix.
Maybe your butcher might have a source or know where tender quick or pink salt is available in your town.
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