I lost a fantastically scrumptious and simple recipe for hungarian ghoulash or cabbage soup. Anyone have one?

The recipe was in a cookbook with the opera singers' favorite recipes. The Hungarian Ghoulash was soooo simple: beef, cabbage, tomatoes, paprika and a few other spices. Most recipes on the web include a mile long list of ingredients. Anyone have a great simple and delicious recipe? I generally don't like soup since most turn out bland, but this was amazing!

  • Posted by: ubs2007
  • March 12, 2012


Hot H. March 14, 2012
Sorry - it's available on Amazon -read the reviews first - very important.

ubs2007 March 14, 2012
Thanks so much!
ubs2007 March 13, 2012
FYI...the site doesn't give the recipe. I'll head to the book store.
Hot H. March 13, 2012
Magyar Gulyás Leves – Hungarian Goulash Soup is a classic and traditional
Hungarian soup. It is one of the five most popular meat dishes on the North
American cooking scene. Although Gulyás - goulash turns up on many
German and Austrian menus and cookbooks, Gulyás actually originated in Hungary and later spread beyond its borders, first to the Austrian Empire, Germany, and the Balkans, and finally around the world! There is an old Hungarian proverb which says: “One man yearns for fame, another for wealth, but everyone yearns for paprika goulash.”
Hot Hungarian Chef
ubs2007 March 13, 2012
Thank you so much! I'll give it a try! Yes, while the Germans / Austrians serve and eat Ghoulash, they attribute it to Hungary. I've never met a German who would say it's a German or Austrian dish:):). Love they way, they give credit where it's due. Thanks again!
Maedl March 14, 2012
I did not mean that goulash was Austrian or German, but that stretching the goulash into a soup is very popular in Austria and Germany and there are many recipes to be found there.
Maedl March 13, 2012
Try googliing recipes for goulash soup--that is more German and Austrian than Hungarian, and was a way to stretch left over goulash for another meal. Beef goulash should not include cabbage, but you might find some recipes for pork goulash that use cabbage. I have eaten a Ukrainian sauerkraut soup, kapusniak, which is delicious and might be of interest to youl I think I found the recipe in the Time-Life series on international cooking that was published in the 1960s, but if you google it you should find recipes.
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