What does the sell by date mean on chicken? Can I still eat chicken with a date two days ago?



pierino March 13, 2012
Sometimes that "reduced for quick sale" label on the package can be a good deal. Still I wouldn't hold onto that chicken for more than a day. I expect after reading that Harvard study I'll be eating more poultry.
jwlucas March 13, 2012
I sometimes intentionally buy chicken that's been marked down due to close date - but I freeze immediately if I don't have a plan. The smell test is essential here. Even frozen, if will smell "off" if spoiled and should not be consumed.
jmburns March 13, 2012
Sell by is when it needs to be out of the market not consumed. Just give it the old smell test it should be fine as long as it has been stored properly.
Kristy M. March 13, 2012
You're usually safe a few days after a sell by date but I'd rather err on the side of safety, especially with poultry. Is it a whole raw chicken, or is it cooked? If raw, I'd cook it today.
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