black eyed peas!

I messed up big time and forgot to soak BEP overnight for a meal that needs to be ready in a few hours. recipe calls for them to be cooked low for 80 minutes. do i need to adjust cooking time if using canned?



Sam1148 March 14, 2012
I prefer frozen BEP for cooking ease. One big mistake I made with dried peas was not sorting them out, I was used to using "China Girl" brand which is mostly rock free. (I say mostly because in any dried pea, you might get rocks). Well, I got a off brand and it was full of little rocks. So, no matter what brand of dried peas you use, be sure to put them on a sheet pan and pick over the rocks and stones that might be in there.
Ife March 13, 2012
Im west African so I use a lot of bep in my cooking. I boil the beans with seasoned water or broth with a 2:1 water/broth and bean ratio. I boil it on high for about fifteen minutes, stirring all the while, after fifteen minutes I turn the heat down and add more water or drain water if necessary. All in all it takes about 30 minutes. Good luck!
cookingProf March 13, 2012
No worries! Just rinse and cook dry black-eyed peas using cold water. Cover the pot and cook for about 25 minutes over medium heat, periodically checking for desired done-ness. Salt after the peas are drained. Salting while they are being cooked makes them dull.
Miranda R. March 13, 2012
yes! if the recipe calls for dried, the cooking time should be drastically reduced, I would imagine, as the beans are basically already cooked and all you'll be doing is essentially flavoring them.
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