Pressure cooker baked black eye peas - urgent help requested.

I soaked some black eye peas last night, but due to baby lambs in the night, the whole day is shot. I don't have time to bake the beans like I planned.

Can anyone help advise a pressure cooking novice how I can make 'baked' beans in under an hour and a half?

I really like this flavour: I thought maybe do the prep the same, then bang it all in the pressure cooker for x-minuites on high, and hope for the best... only tomatoes mean I have to change the cooking time from 'standard for soaked black eye peas' to I don't know what, but longer because tomatoes slow cooking.

Running out of time, please advise. So hungry!

(ps, sorry, spell check died - just pretend like it is all spelled correctly. Don't have time to fix it right now.)



trampledbygeese February 12, 2015
Flavour is good, but way too watery. I used 1 part bean, two parts water. Should have done a lot less water. Will boil it down later. Right now I have to go figure out how to milk a sheep.
trampledbygeese February 12, 2015
Thanks guys.

I followed the recipe I linked to - for the most part. Changed the beans, couldn't be bothered to peal an onion so used leeks, no maple syrup so used molasses... &c.

Cooked 15 min on high instead of the 5 that is normal for soaked black eye peas.

Cookers cooling down now... That's the only thing I don't like about the pressure cooker, everything's hidden.
aargersi February 12, 2015
I think you could pressure cool the peas really quickly, like in about 5-6 minutes (would have to check my chart but black eyed peas are quick, even black beans are only 8 minutes) to get them soft, then proceed to the oven with your remaining ingredients and bake for an hour. That way you still get the benefit of baking, but with fast cooked peas.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 12, 2015
Maybe this will help if you want to cook the peas with tomatoes.
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