Creating a new dish: do Gorgonzola and tomato go together?

Trying to create a new sauce but unsure about flavor combo



pierino March 15, 2012
Giovanni50 that choice is up to you. Personally I would use more cheese in proportion to tomato and I would work it directly into the sauce, but hey, you are the one developing a recipe. So do what works for you.
pierino March 15, 2012
The flavors do match well together. But splurge on a good gorgonzola dolce. You can't count on good fresh tomatoes quite yet so buy the best canned ones you can find. Keep the herbs to a minimum; I don't think basil matches well with gorgonzola but fried sage does. Use lots of butter and think about a penne type pasta shape.
ChefJune March 15, 2012
You beat me to it, pierino! I was going to say sage is a great flavor with tomato and gorgonzola. In fact this has given me ideas for Saturday night's supper!
GIOVANNI50 March 15, 2012
Grazie. you think a stronger Danish blue cheese
Wouldn't work?

Do you mean to use it in sauce or as a topping?
jmburns March 15, 2012
Well I do not know a sauce recipe but the Gorgonzola Tomato flavors go together well.
Brain H. March 15, 2012
I agree with jmburns. In the summer, I love to make a "caprese" salad made with slices of gorgonzola instead of mozzarella, on a bed of butter lettuce.

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jmburns March 15, 2012
They should go together great. One of my favorite salads is blue cheese tomato and onion.
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