How do you hard boil an egg so the shell comes off easy?



gary12401 March 17, 2012
Peel the egg under running water.
petitbleu March 17, 2012
Several things (I'm going to repeat some of what others have said, but bear with me): First, don't use ultra fresh eggs. Slightly older eggs are easier to peel. Second, after hard boiling the eggs according to your favorite method, shake the eggs in the pot to crack the shells (not too hard, though), then shock in ice water for a few minutes. Peel the eggs starting at the large end of the egg (there's usually a small air pocket there, and it's a good place to get started), and hope for the best! It's always a good idea to boil a few extra, in case there are any really difficult eggs to peel.
ellenl March 17, 2012
OK--here it is---google you tube Tim Ferriss how to peel a hard-boiled egg without peeling (have to crack the other end as well). This is so cool and fun!
ellenl March 17, 2012
Forgot to say, first put in cold water.
ellenl March 17, 2012
I read this somewhere years ago--it's really fun----cut off the slimmer tip of the hard-boiled egg, put to your mouth and give it a quick, sharp blow. This loosens the shell and membrane. I may have the 2 ends confused, so it it doesn't work this way, cut off other end.
I've also had great luck taking the fully cooked, ice-water-shocked egg and placing it in a bowl of hot water for 15 seconds before peeling. If heat causes things to expand, that allows just enough time to hve the shell expand wround the cooked egg. Making sure to have lots of microcracks all around the shell helps tyoo- try rolling it on the counter and gently cracking the shell.
kristiezen920 March 17, 2012
Put a tablespoon or two of baking soda in the water before boiling. It helps the albumen not stick to the egg making the shell release much easier. Works every time whether you peel your eggs warm or cold!!
LE B. March 18, 2012
alright, k, i'm going to put you to the test on this one. soon! TIA I hope!
amysarah March 17, 2012
Basically the same as the methods above, but before putting it in ice water, I gently tap or roll it - just enough to make the shell crack slightly. The tiny bit of ice water that gets under the shell seems to help. (Forget where I first saw this trick years back - someone like Jacques Pepin or Pierre Franey or, like that.)
pierino March 17, 2012
My method is similar to shirly mae's except that I leave the egg in the boiled water off heat for 18 minutes before giving it the cold water treatment. After that I'll roll the egg around on a board or a counter just using my fingers. Goose eggs I've found, take longer---about 22 minutes. But nothing beats a farm fresh egg.
shirley M. March 17, 2012
Place egg in cold water. Bring water to a boil. Cut stove off. Let egg sit in the hot water 15 mins. Drain, fill with ice and let completely cool. Shell or buy you a set of eggies.
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