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Easy to peel hard-boiled eggs

I place 1 T of baking soda, 1/2 T salt in enough cold water to cover eggs, bring to boil, Turn heat off, cover for 15 mins., place eggs in cold water bath.

asked by Kathy over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

I tried this once with baking soda but no salt in the water, and didn't notice any improvement in peel-ability. I'd be interested in seeing a side-by-side test with other methods.

Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats recently did a Food Lab on boiled eggs, and he got the best results from:

1. Using older eggs straight from the refrigerator

2. Starting cooking at a high temperature, either in boiling water or a steamer

3. Putting the eggs into an ice bath immediately after cooking

4. Peeling under running water after the eggs were very cold.


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added over 2 years ago

Putting a tiny pin hole in each egg before boiling will make even the freshest eggs easier to peel

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