Is there a full moon out?

Just wondering. So many dueling hotliners lately. I think I need my smelling salts. Can I get smelling salts? At Whole Foods?



Panfusine March 21, 2012
March Hares..LOL Boulangere, love that.. Maybe a contest theme on your best recipe for Rabbit!
Devangi R. March 21, 2012
Oh my Lord, now I get all about this ..I am sorry i really didn't understand the question and I started referring my Indian calender to know when is full moon, funny right... But I read that whole thread and now know all about this. Thanks all for the effort to explain.
I do not want to comment on that as Amanda and many others have spoken about it that this place is all about food. I would just like to say what my maa says cooking should not get to your head, it should come through your heart to touch others soul. And, that's all about this site and its contributors! We are cooking or loving food not just for bodies but nourishing so many souls in so many ways. And, now get back to competition its maple season folks!
Amanda H. March 21, 2012
Hello all -- thank you for your discussion about this topic. Civility does matter. Food52 is our home, our village, our small beacon on the Internet, and we want it to remain a place where people learn, get inspired, help each other, and display uncommon generosity. It shouldn't matter whether or not you've uploaded a recipe to the site -- we created Food52 so that everyone could have a voice, cooks and armchair cooks alike. We all love food and that's a wonderful thing, and so, together, let's make this the best food community there is. Because if we put our minds to it, we can. We'll check out the threads noted above, and if you see threads that you feel aren't striking the right note, please let us know.
drbabs March 21, 2012
Thank you, Amanda, for continuing to reinforce and state all the things that are wonderful about Food52. It is because of your and Merrill's leadership that we are such a generous and supportive community. I for one wouldn't have it any other way.
boulangere March 21, 2012
As we say a lot during March Madness, Yessssss!
Panfusine March 21, 2012
LOL Softpunk, Food52 tends to get members intoxicated into cooking with a passion, & so glad to hear that its working for you as well. Looking fwd to your recipe contributions!
softpunk March 21, 2012
Panfusine, I am guilty of not having contributed any recipes yet or filling in my profile. I just don't have the time as I have a teething baby. But I do try to answer questions whenever I can. More importantly, if it weren't for the Hotline I don't think I would have been brave enough to jump into bread baking. The recipes and instructions provided here are so clear and make it all seem easy, and the speed with which I have gotten answers when running into trouble has been amazing. Up until around 6 weeks ago I had only baked a few loaves in my life, and now I bake a few a week, and they are surprisingly good!

I will try to contribute a recipe soon. Maybe it will have a lunatic theme.
creamtea March 21, 2012
softpunk, I'm amazed you can even think of baking bread with a teething baby. Really, bravo.
boulangere March 21, 2012
I agree, amazing!
softpunk March 21, 2012
Thank you, but the baby is usually distracted from his agony by the stand mixer in action, so it's not as impressive as it might be!
SKK March 21, 2012
Panfusine, you are right on about who is initiating the questions. They are on the side-lines, invisible and not participants. Interesting.
Panfusine March 21, 2012
Its actually No moon day today, te full moon is 15 day away . the food trolls are hungry..gnash gnash!
Devangi R. March 21, 2012
Can someone explain me what this question means? or what is the discussion about? I am sorry ...I just don't get this..would like to know in simple language what this means...thanks..
meganvt01 March 21, 2012
My mom was a teacher and she always said that the kids tended to act up around the full moon. Maybe it relates back to tales of werewolves - creatures that inexplicably changed form (from good to bad) at the full moon. Anyways, the point is that several hotline threads have been a bit acrimonius and I think the question is more of a commentary that people seem to be much more combative than usual.
softpunk March 21, 2012
Check out the Harvest Bread discussion.
Panfusine March 21, 2012
LOL.. its just a fabulous way of 'cooling down the wave of 'HOT' line discussions that have been sweeping this food forum.
there's been a wave of rather harshly worded questions & responses of late, that are not exactly food related. Interestingly its predominantly initiated by members who've contributed ZERO recipes or any useful food tidbits, & shared Zero information about themselves.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Please correct me if I'm wrong
SKK March 21, 2012
Hi P.D., If you look at the left, under popular questions, the first four are based on the writer's opinion and the opinion is critical and lacking generosity. The tone of the question is accusatory rather than giving the benefit of the doubt. The questions are also lacking in humor. Creamtea is pointing out the tone of the questions has shifted from true food based questions including thank you and please to voting for agreement.
pierino March 21, 2012
I like panfusine's answer because if you contribute recipes here you can be easily humbled by the discipline it takes to craft a usefull recipe for publication. Hopefully that brings with an obligation to civility.
susan G. March 20, 2012
You can make smelling salts: get coarse salt, sprinkle appropriate essential oils over it, then shake and let it sit!
One problem with these is that people have to know when to stop. (I've been feeling all the above, too.)
susan G. March 20, 2012
Oh, yes, then sit down with the smelling salts, put your feet up, and inhale deeply. Have good music playing, a soothing beverage, and a fresh baked food52 piece of buttered toast.
Sam1148 March 20, 2012
I like snark and humor. Being nasty to people isn't right here. Just ignore the evil ones.
Bevi March 20, 2012
Really! A girls goes on a road trip for a day and comes back to her computer and has to take cover!!
ChefOno March 20, 2012
That was my line. And it ended me in hot water...
Greenstuff March 20, 2012
I've spent a little time at some other internet forums, and it's always struck me that Food52 was in its own class for civility. But with the rapid growth of the site, the trolls are coming out from under their bridges. Exciting for me, I'm off for a little time in the kitchen and that chill pill.
bugbitten March 20, 2012
Maedl March 20, 2012
We began the last quarter on the 14th and the new moon begins on the 22nd. So don't blame the full moon!
boulangere March 20, 2012
Probably, but not *bath* salts ;0))
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