What is Thai white pepper?

I have a recipe that calls for Thai white pepper. I have regular white pepper. Can I just use regular white pepper, or is there a flavor difference?

Darlene Carrigan


Darlene C. March 21, 2012
Thanks Sam1148! Chicken in marinating in fridge as we speak. Gai Yang (Thai grilled chicken) for dinner tonight.
Sam1148 March 20, 2012
Yes just white pepper.

In Asian cooking. I'm a big fan of Sansyo, Japaneese white pepper. Which might the same thing for 'thai' white pepper.

White pepper is hot, which goes with the thai cooking recipes. So, I would guess that normal 'white pepper' is what intended. (use in small amounts IMHO).
The Sansyo is both hot and numbing, it's from the same plant as schezuan peppercorns, but much milder. It's not as hot in flavor as common white pepper.

And this is why we experiment and explore. Adjust recipes to your tastes and flavors.
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