I'm making gravlax and the recipe calls for white peppercorns. I only have black peppercorns and ground white pepper. Can I use either one?


  • Posted by: Danee
  • April 22, 2014


Miguelito April 23, 2014
White pepper is very different in flavor so play with a small batch if you can to test
ATG117 April 22, 2014
Another vote for staying away from the ground white pepper. I too hAV made gravlax with black peppercorns
amysarah April 22, 2014
I'd say if you'd like to have a bottle of white peppercorns around, go for it. Might come in handy. If not, I can tell you that I've made gravlax many times with black ones. Different flavor, but still very good.

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Greenstuff April 22, 2014
Lots of gravlax recipes have black pepper, and lots have ground pepper. Some have no pepper at all. I'd say you should go with whatever you'd like.

ChefJune April 22, 2014
The first time I make a recipe, I make sure I have everything the way the author calls for... Otherwise there is no way to know if you've gotten it right. After the first foray into a recipe, all bets are off. If this is your first time making gravlax, I'd go out and get some white peppercorns. Frankly their flavor profile is completely different from black. and there are more than one kind of black pepper.
Monita April 22, 2014
I'd use the whole black peppercorns rather than ground white pepper. Many gravalax recipes use black
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