hot pepper ideas

I have a big pile of what I think are green cayenne peppers. The guy selling them said they were Thai, but from what I am able to see they look most like green cayennes. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: nogaga
  • August 13, 2011


Sam1148 August 14, 2011
Here's a better description.
It lasts practically forever. I think mine is at least 2 years old, just add more white vinegar when needed.
nogaga August 14, 2011
Thank you Sam1148, I'll try it!
Sam1148 August 13, 2011
Pack a few in a bottle with white vinegar....not to pickle the peppers. But to make a hot vinegar sauce. Which is used a lot in the south for collard greens.
Use a shaker top bottle if you have one to shake out a few drops on kale, collards, or any cooked strong green leafy veggie like mustard greens. Trim up the tops..and pack as tightly as you can and fill with hot vinegar, ignore them about month or so until the vinegar is infused with the pepper flavor.
They'll last months (or longer) in the 'fridge.
nogaga August 13, 2011
These might be prik Man Keaw, also known as Thai Hot Dark Green Pepper.
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