I'm having 10 for dinner. Would making lamb pasta for 8 + a fish for 6 be enough food?

So many recipes are for 6 or 8. How do I adjust for 10?

  • Posted by: AnaNYC
  • March 27, 2012


lloreen March 27, 2012
My experience is that the more people you have, the less they eat. I don't know why- it must be some group psychology thing. Pasta for 8 and fish for 6 will be more than enough. You will have left-overs, especially if you add a salad, appetizer, and dessert.
Of course, if your guests are all 16 year of boys, all bets are off.
AnaNYC March 27, 2012
I was indeed going to have hors d' and a spinach salad and a dessert. But making another half of the lamb ragu pasta (anyone else tried the one in this months Food and Wine?) seems like a good idea, even for the math-challenged. On to making to do lists! Thank you so much!
mrslarkin March 27, 2012
Assuming you have other hors d'oeuvres-y things, sides, salads, bread, etc., it should be enough. But if you are just serving pasta and fish, I'd make an extra half recipe of pasta and double the fish.
bigpan March 27, 2012
By the time you put in a salad and veg plate it will work fine. Stuff your guests a little bit with canapés and wine first, and a promise to leave some room for your killer dessert.
Fact is, guests will remember the company and conversation and food more than remembering the quantity.
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