I just made these and they spread out a lot. A few stayed in nice little piles, but others got a pool of the "goop" around them.

  • Posted by: JenM
  • March 31, 2012


2785 May 13, 2014
According to Shirley Corriher or Bakewise/Cookwise fame, sugar is an *integral* part of a meringue's structure. Without enough sugar, egg whites cannot set properly.

While this recipe clearly isn't a meringue per-se, it does use egg white as a binding agent. Maybe slightly upping the sugar content would help? Hope this helps others with the same spreading issue.
Randi April 10, 2012
I had the same problem. . .
Kristen M. March 31, 2012
How strange -- did the egg mixture thicken and turn opaque when you cooked it? You can also click through the slideshow on the recipe page to see if yours looked the same along the way. I know it's hard to tell from the way the photo got sized down, but they do look pretty from here!
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