cook brisket thrusday for saturday?

how long will a cooked brisket be good for in the fridge? i plan on cooking during the day thursday, and serving saturday evening. will meat stay good in the fridge for the two days? is it more desirable to cook on friday instead?

  • Posted by: jbrau13
  • April 3, 2012


chef O. April 4, 2012
Mmmm... Absolutely ! It will be to plotz for!
amysarah April 3, 2012
Agreed about the flavor improving. Assuming you're doing a traditional brisket pot roast for Passover, the other benefit is that the fat in the braising liquid will rise to the top and harden in the fridge - making it easy to remove as much as you want. I'd store the meat in the sauce. The cold brisket will slice easier too.
ChefOno April 3, 2012
Cooking a day (or two) ahead is SOP for many cooks. Refrigerate sauce separately from meat. Before reheating: Defat liquid, slice meat, fan out in a baking dish, pour sauce over top, cover and reheat in relatively low oven.

ChefOno April 3, 2012
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pierino April 3, 2012
I agree with mbergner on this. It improves with a few days in the fridge.
mbergner April 3, 2012
It will keep up to a week (or more). Like a good stew, it is actually better the next day or two. Wrap well so it does not dry out.
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