Ok my fellow foodies!! Need help!

I received a phone call to cater a graduation dinner for 5 teenage couples. They want hors d'oeuvres, chicken dish & beef dish, salad, & 2 sides. She wants it upscale. Please help me with ideas and recipes that you've tried.



bobbie J. April 4, 2012
My teens would appreciate something fun- i'd consider familiar foods prepared with a twist: for the beef and chicken mains i'm thinking sliders made with incredible insides like ground chicken burgers with tzatziki sauce, and ground sirloin with something special - say sauteed mushrooms and applwood smoked bacon chunks For apps. i'd go with a couple of fun homemade small pizzas - say with griddled onions and thyme and buffalo mozzarella. You get the idea - upscale, but fun. My experience with teens is that they like familiar foods - too much out of their usual baileywick and it could make them uncomfortable, especially in a group setting.

And, as much as i love kale, only one of my 3 kids will touch it - too strong of a flavor for them. Id go with baby spinach.
passifloraedulis April 3, 2012
For the salad, I'd vote for a kale-based salad. It's a popular leaf now, and best of all it's hearty enough that you make ahead of time (without stressing out when it's time for dinner). Try this:

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