Matzoh balls

What can I do to get the perfect matzoh ball? Not too hard. Not too fluffy. Firm enough to bite, soft enough not to break a toe if dropped.

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joannbuc April 5, 2012
add a little bit of ginger ale. really! AND boil longer than the box says. cut one open before you take them out of the pot. the texture should be uniform and light!
Brsboarder April 5, 2012
Don't overmix, that will result in denser matzoh balls.
susan G. April 5, 2012
Both Streitz and Manichevitz have the same recipe on the box of matzo meal. It's simple to make (and doesn't have any ingredients you don't have in your kitchen). I think it's perfect. (Their recipes are also online.)
MZG April 5, 2012
Stick with the mix. Even my grandmother used to swear by it. You can add some parsley bits if you want to give them a homemade look.
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