What are your favorite recipes with kaffir lime leaves?

I just picked some up, but I don't know what I should make with them. Any favorites?



HalfPint April 7, 2012
Use it in thai hot and sour soup , http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/hot-and-sour-thai-soup-tom-yum-goong-recipe/index.html
Panfusine April 6, 2012
@meatball&milkshakes, This was a 'made from scratch' version of THai green curry. Feel free to substitute the fresh galangal with 2 coins of the dried version.

Farha April 6, 2012
Malaysian Beef Rendang. It really brings out the flavour of the dish!
PistachioDoughnut April 6, 2012
I use it when I make kari sayur - malaysian curry dish or another dish khow suey..coconut milk and noodles with condiments!
cthewrld April 6, 2012
The curry idea is great. I use them in a red beef curry.
Panfusine April 6, 2012
Thai green curry, It totally defines the flavor!
Thanks Panfusine, any recipes you recommend?
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