Kaffir Lime Leaves...and Lime-ade?

It's time to start clearing out the freezer ahead of our next overseas move -- I have a large package of frozen kaffir lime leaves. I saw a suggestion about 'infusing a sugar syrup...' with them. I always have a heavy lemon syrup in the fridge for sparkling lemonade (Old 'Joy of Cooking' version) and was wondering if a limeade with a couple of handfuls with the kaffir leaves would work. Thoughts? Other ideas?

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • February 21, 2019


Stephanie B. February 24, 2019
You can also candy them and use to decorate desserts - I came across this old blog post and gave it try. Any fibrous/unpleasant chewiness disappeared in the candying process and they tasted great. I used them to top a coconut tart. http://lynettelpflueger.blogspot.com/2012/09/candied-kaffir-lime-leaves.html
dinner A. February 21, 2019
As Lori suggests, lime leaves infuse alcohol very well; lime leaf-infused vodka is delicious as a beverage also (and I don't even like other vodka infusions or vodka-based drinks much at all).
As a side note, I've become aware that "kaffir" is a highly offensive racial slur in much of the world (although possibly not when the lime was named) and have been trying to retrain myself to use the Thai name "makrut lIme." (more here: https://slate.com/culture/2014/07/kaffir-lime-racist-murky-origins-suggest-a-racial-slur-might-be-responsible-for-the-fruits-name.html)
Smaug February 23, 2019
It's a racial slur in South Africa, but in Arabic it means "unbeliever", something that in much of the Arab world is decidedly frowned upon, but not particularly racial.
Lori T. February 21, 2019
If you wanted, you could also drop those into a bottle of vodka to infuse that and make your own lime extract. They also will infuse sugar with flavor in the same way vanilla does. That way, if you weren't able to use it all up before packing for the move, it might still be possible to pack and ship those items. Maybe not the vodka, but the sugar will ship nicely inside a sealed storage container. I did this myself a few times, with both lime leaves, zests, and vanilla- when transferring overseas or even back to the US with those items. That way you don't have to toss out precious spices and ingredients, and they take the trip quite well preserved.
Nancy February 21, 2019
Yes, those flavors work together.
Have another NY restaurant recipe I like & make from time to time featuring kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass stalks....
"Feel good tea" which uses green or herbal tea (but could, I suppose, be made with black tea).
Very refreshing. Drink hot or chill in fridge and drink cold.
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