What can I substitute a kaffir lime leaf with?



matchaflan March 17, 2012
Fresh lemon verbena leaf is very very similar. We use fresh kaffir lime leaves in Vietnam, cut it really thin to put on boiled chicken, and I've tried it with lemon verbena (was growing it for tea) and the leaves are amazingly similar.
susan G. March 16, 2012
I see lime zest recommended.
raspberryeggplant March 17, 2012
I do a lot of Thai cooking and while there's nothing that can come close enough to the taste and aroma of Kaffir lime leaves, lime zest is closer than lime juice.
cccasady March 17, 2012
It says use 6 leaves, how much lime zest?
cccasady March 17, 2012
Substituting 6 leaves, how much lime zest?
Pegeen March 16, 2012
Depending on the recipe, you could try FRESH bay leaf.
allans March 16, 2012
Nothing will provide the exact flavor, but a squeeze of lime juice (fresh) will help. Just a touch, btw
cccasady March 16, 2012
This turned out well. Thank you!
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