Rendering Chicken Fatt

I need to make matzoh balls this week and the supermarket was out of rendered chicken fat. My butcher sold me a package of chicken fat. Has anyone else done this? I found several different approaches online with water, without water, with onions. Any suggestions?

Heather Bklyn


mbergner April 7, 2012
Cut into pieces and lightly "fry" to release the fat (similar to the water method but goes faster). Do not allow it to color. As the fat becomes liquid in the pan spoon off into a clean container for storage, do no incorporate any skin or burnt bits. Onion and other flavorings are unnecessary - add the flavorings to your main recipe if you wish rather than flavoring the fat.
farm T. April 7, 2012
The best way I've found is to lightly simmer in water. The fat will rise to the top and you can either chill it and grab the fat in chunks or skim it off from the warm broth. The onions impart some flavor, but most of it is diluted by the water, so I consider this an optional addition and usually add them to the final dish.
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