Garlic scented schmaltz?

Getting ready to make a quantity of matzoh balls, using schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) of course. The rendered chicken fat that I have on hand is very garlicky--it's saved from a garlic laden chicken recipe I made recently. Is this a bad thing? If the only problem is it will make the matzoh balls garlicky, that doesn't sound so bad. Thanks! -Ben



fozziebayer April 12, 2011
@sarah k. actually, the schmaltz is a little lemony too--it was a chicken slow roasted with garlic and lemon. The chicken was a little bland but the juices and schmaltz that resulted practically made up for it!
drbabs April 12, 2011
You're inviting us, right?
sarah K. April 12, 2011
Sounds delicious to me! Can you add a little lemon zest?
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