Make ahead & freezing matzoh balls?

Can matzoh balls be made in advance and frozen, then reheated in the soup? If so, should they be cooked first, or frozen uncooked? Frozen individually, or in the soup liquid? TIA.



Pat H. February 5, 2021
Can the batter be frozen ,making the balls after defrosted?
Estelle M. September 19, 2020
Can u freeze matzo balls again if they were previously frozen once!
Liza's K. September 19, 2020
No, you can’t. It’s a food safety issue, not a quality issue. You really shouldn’t defrost something, heat it to be served, and then freeze it again. Too many temperature fluctuations and it’s an opportunity for bacteria to grow.
Liza's K. September 17, 2014
I freeze them all the time. Cook them first and they either freeze them on trays first so they keep their shape (and then throw them on ziplocs) or freeze them in the soup. The only thing I've noticed about freezing them in the soup is sometimes they disintegrate a touch when you reheat. This doesn't happen as much if you freeze them separately.
Sandy S. September 16, 2014
try freezing them in egg cartons. Nothing sticks together and this doesn't take up whole shelf live a cookie tray.
Alyssa October 6, 2023
Sounds like a great idea!!! Do you put egg carton in a zip lock baggie or saran wrap before freezing?
Alyssa October 6, 2023
Also have you done this the with the raw mixture or already cooked?
healthierkitchen April 15, 2011
My guess, and it's totally a guess as I've never tried freezing the raw batter, is that this method might make the matzo balls more dense and a bit harder. For some people, this is a plus. I had an aunt who preferred them like golf balls. For those who prefer a fluffier ball, you might lose some lightness. My family recipe has you do the egg whites separately until stiff - just don't see how this could hold up to freezing. Depends on the type of recipe, though!
jwolfsthal April 15, 2011
i don't see any reason why they can't be mixed and then frozen to use when needed. I would bring to fridge temperature before putting in soup.
healthierkitchen April 15, 2011
I've only frozen them in the soup when there's lots of leftovers, and they are "fine" but I've noticed that sometimes they shred a little around the edges upon reheating. Not a big deal, but not as pretty. I think that Joan Nathan's cookie sheet method would avoid that - what a great idea (if only I had room in my freezer for a cookie sheet of matzo bal)!
ChefJune April 15, 2011
I can say from personal experience that they freeze just fine. I've never tried freezing them separately. We put them into the soup and freeze the whole thing together.

Dinner's ready in a jiffy. ;)
Amanda H. April 14, 2011
Joan Nathan, the author of many Jewish cookbooks, said in the New York Times in 2009: "Yes you can freeze them. There are two ways. Either you can cook them and freeze them right in the soup or cook them, drain them, and freeze them on a cookie sheet. When they are frozen just put them in a baggy."
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