What is the best place to store potatoes?

I have them on my counter in a basket lined with paper towels. Sometimes they are fine. Sometimes they start to turn green and/or start to sprout really quickly.



ChefOno April 9, 2012
This will answer your question(s):


Louisa April 8, 2012
I've heard you should not store potatoes near onions.
nutcakes April 9, 2012
It may be an old wives tale, but I've experienced it myself. It is possible the moisture in the potatoes (which like a moist, cool, dark environment) rot the onions, which like a dry airy environment.
mainecook61 April 8, 2012
Oh, and never ever store them on the counter. If you do, they develop solanine, the chemical that causes them to turn green and (in large doses) is not good for humans. Why supermarkets store potatoes in the light is a mystery.
mainecook61 April 8, 2012
All that cool and dark is correct. However, if it is time to sprout, they will. My potatoes (harvested in September) are sprouting like mad, although they spent the winter in a cold dark cellar. So it depends greatly on when your potatoes were harvested.
SKK April 8, 2012
Yes, cool dark place. The garage works or the pantry. They get too much light on the counter. And too much temp change.
mensaque April 8, 2012
I usually keep mine on the fridge...but again I'm Brazil and unless it is the midle of winter it's darn hot in here.
mensaque April 8, 2012
IN the fridge...I meant to say "in the fridge",not on it...
Gibson2011 April 8, 2012
Cool, dark place. Don't refrigerate. Usually your cupboard is fine. If you have a recurring problem of sprouting and greenness, you might try using them sooner or buying from a different source. Some grocery stores spray their potatoes to keep them from sprouting, while some don't.
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