I have some chilli peppers to preserve,both red and green.I never did by myself any kind of canning,so I was wondering if you guys could tell me about the procedures with the jars.AND what do you like better for them:olive oil or vinegar?



mensaque April 12, 2012
Thanks for the help,guys.
myzuk April 8, 2012
I asked a similar question awhile ago. Cook's Illustrated had a solution regarding brining. http://www.food52.com/hotline/6275-extending-hot-peppers-with-salt-brine
petitbleu April 8, 2012
I had a bumper crop of jalapeños last summer (the only thing I had a bumper crop of), and I roasted them until soft and made chipotles en adobo with them. I don't guess they were technically "chipotles," but they tasted better than any canned chipotles I've ever had. I used a recipe from a blog that I now can't recall, which contained vinegar, garlic, catsup, and spices. I've stored the jars in my refrigerator for about 8 months, and they're even better now than they were when I first made them.
gary12401 April 8, 2012
I also dehydrate peppers and I chop and freeze them to use in salsas and sauces.
SKK April 8, 2012
Hi M - How is your achilles?
To can peppers you need a pressure canner. Here is information on that.
To pickle peppers you can use a water bath canner http://pickyourown.org/pepperspickled.htm

What I do is dehydrate my peppers and then grind them and use them that way. The others I pickle.

mensaque April 12, 2012
Hi,S...Achilles is better but not 100% yet.Total recover takes up to a year and I'm on the 4th month and already walking about so I think I'm doing fine.Thanks for asking!And thanks for the tip.
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