I've made a roasted red pepper "salsa". I left the seeds in to give it a spicy taste but it still is missing something. Would adding jalapenos be an acceptable adder? Or what spice might you suggest? Ingredients are; red peppers, green onions, canola oil, and sherry vinegar.



anyone October 3, 2010
A little bit of lime juice.
LoisonMaui October 3, 2010
Thank you for your suggestions. Off to the kitchen.

Sunchowder October 3, 2010
My favorite pepper is the Mexican Guajillo. You can take a whole one with seeds (dried) and zip it up in the blender. It adds a wonderful spicy flavor with a heat that hits the back of your tongue as opposed to Jalapenos which give that steady almost mouth-burning heat.
Christina W. October 3, 2010
If you're looking for depth of flavor, try any or all of the following: fresh chopped cilantro, tomatillos (will impart an "earthy" flavor), garlic, a little salt, a bit of fresh chopped basil.
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