can i preserve roasted red peppers in oil? and do i have to pressure can them?

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  • August 13, 2011


SKK August 13, 2011
I third greenstuff and maincook61!
mainecook61 August 13, 2011
I second Greenstuff on that. The low acidity of peppers is the danger. I've never pressure canned anything in oil, either. Peppers do freeze beautifully. The other thing is that their unprocessed selves don't spoil as quickly as many other things. Harvested peppers stored (some people leave them on the plant) in a cool spot, with good circulation, last for weeks, to use as you need them. I keep them like that well into the late fall, after the hard frosts have struck down the plants.
Greenstuff August 13, 2011
You could pickle them, essentially packing them in vinegar rather than oil, and avoid the pressure canning. But roasted peppers in oil would have to be pressure-canned.

A little edit: I looked around at a few references and only found the suggestion that home canners should not attempt peppers in oil at all. The botulism risk is too high. So, your options would be pickled and processed in water bath or water plus pressure canning. Have you thought about freezing?
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